These natural chunks of Rose Quartz gemstones from Brazil would make a great addition to any gemstone collection. Place them in a beautiful bowl, add them to your garden, or in a fountain. When set atop any sort of light, it creates an ethereal glow!  Where ever you may choose to position them, enjoy their healing properties.

Rose Quartz is known to open the heart chakra. It possesses compassionate energy , and is the stone of love for "self," and for others. It is a supportive stone, especially in emotional times.

Rose Quartz is always a gift of uniqueness.Share your loving energy, pass it on as a wedding favour, valentines gift, mother's day present, to support a loved one through a difficult time, or just because. Your feelings from your heart are sure to be felt, no matter what shape and/or form it comes in.

Presented in a gift bag.

Measurements: Approximately 1.5" in diameter. Each piece is unique in size, shape and colour.

Each sold separately.


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