Quartz is known to be one of the most healing crystals, cleansing both the body and the spirit. Rose Quartz is an excellent heart-healing gemstone. It stimulates feelings of love, tenderness and tranquility and promotes self love.

Shaped from natural unpolished quartz from the mines of Brazil, this tea light holder comes alive when lit and casts a soft pink glow from within, illuminating your space with love and light.

This tea light holder is a great gift for "self" or for someone you want to show you care. And is perfect to be placed on your bedside table, in your bathroom or office.

As this is a gift from nature, each piece will have its own unique qualities. Included with this tea light candle holder is a soy tea light, as well as a notation of the qualities of this gemstone. This item will be placed in a beautiful keepsake box with a bow.

If you wish to include additional soy tea lights, please see our CANDLES section.

Measurements: Approximately 4.5" wide x 2" tall.

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