Crystal spheres/balls have historically been used for healing, divination, aura cleansing,  and as a decorative element. Their shape is symbolic of completeness, infinity, unity, and the realization of all possibilities. It has no beginning or end.

They are often used to increase self awareness and to heighten clear thinking, which makes them a perfect companion for meditation or a great tool to have on your office desk to emanate a particular energy that you feel would be beneficial, or perhaps that you may be lacking.Some find the act of holding a sphere during a meditation takes them to a deeper state, and helps them to release worry.

Additionally, unlike healing wands that give a more focused energy, spheres emit energy in all directions proportionately.

In Feng Shui, the ancient art of creating optimal energy flow in an environment, disharmony is created by sharp angles and edges. Spheres take on the perfect form emitting healing energy all around a room.

To carve a sphere one must cut away a mass of crystal which can be as much as ten times the finished creation.Each piece is truly special, a piece of art like no other.

Smokey Quartz, with the beautiful coloration of a very pale tan to a deep chocolate brown, is an excellent grounding stone, releasing negative energy. It is said to be excellent after illness or depression for gently restoring energy and optimism. It transmits practicality, organization and manifests inspiration.

This sphere is approximately 2" diameter.


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