Crystal Sun Catcher


A gift that keeps on giving !

This pewter dragon fly with chakra coloured crystals would make a beautiful gift for someone to enjoy in their garden, or in a special window in their home and/or office. Add some sunlight and enjoy the sparkles.

The symbolism for a dragon fly carries with it the wisdom of transformation and adaptability in life. When one is dealing with change, what better way to have support around you, then to see this beautiful dragon fly with chakra coloured crystals be that constant reminder of living life with more awareness and with joy. Such a beautiful thing.

A gift to a colleague, friend or for Mother's Day. This sun catcher is presented in a gift box, with a bow and a suction cup for immediate placement. A short notation about the sun catcher is also included for the recipient.

 Product Details:
 INCLUDES: * Gift box with bow, ready for gift giving.
                     * Suction cup for immediate placement.
                     * Custom notation about the product particulars.

* SIZE: Dragon Fly:2.5"L x 3"W. Crystal Ball: 11/4"(30mm) diameter. Includes 7 chakra coloured & 6 clear-14mm octagon shaped crystals.
* Total Length (including the loop): Approximately 13"(33cm). Stainless steel wire.
* Assembled in Canada.


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