Crystal Sun Catcher


A gift that keeps on giving !

Choose one from 4 jumbo sized crystals: Teardrop; Lotus; Marquis and Ball. These sun catchers have no additional crystals located superior to the pendant. A great choice for those who prefer a more modern twist.

In the Art of Feng Shui (a millennia-old practice), it has long been believed that if a home or business had a harmonious and positive flow of energy or ch'i, those living and working there would benefit via health, happiness and prosperity. It involves the placement of specific objects in relationship to our surroundings, (such as doorways, rooms or windows,) to the forces of nature. Sun catchers are used to increase ch'i, by hanging them in a window near the front door.

A thoughtful and meaningful gift for a lady or gentleman. A sun catcher is a timeless gift for any occasion that really keeps on giving. When graced with sunlight, rainbows will appear, presenting an opportunity in your day to sit in quiet reflection.

Beautifully presented in a gift box with a bow, we have also included a suction cup for immediate placement, and a small notation about the crystal to the recipient.

 Product Details:
 INCLUDES: * Gift box with bow, ready for gift giving.
                      * Suction cup for immediate placement.
                      * Custom notation about the product particulars.
SIZE: TEARDROP : 76mm; LOTUS : 60mm; MARQUIS : 76mm and BALL : 40mm. Names are in order from left to right as per horizontal picture.
* Approximate Length for all: 10" Stainless steel wire.
* Assembled in Canada.


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