Healing with a hug… BEARS !!

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Young or old, we can ALL use a hug. When you can’t be present to support a friend or loved one in person, our 2 special bears have it covered.Take your pick between Tender Heart or Cuddles.These bears provide a special and unique alternative to the real thing (a hug), by providing comfort and healing to the recipients soul as they go through their journey with breast cancer; or for their child who also needs some extra hugs of reassurance at this difficult time.These bears do the job, and they do it well.

The bear of your choice will be presented in a textured box with a bow.It will also be accompanied by Bow Tye Gifts signature “Meaning and Purpose Message” for the recipient, explaining the significance and meaning of this special gift.

“Tender Heart” Bear: We just love how Tender Heart proudly sits up on his own. With Velcro on both his paws, he appears to be in a constant meditative prayer. This plush is large in size, measuring 19inches (48cm) long. His creamy white coat is silky and smooth to the touch. He is adorned with brown button eyes and embroidered nose and mouth. He is wearing a red bow, and has a red heart on his left paw. He also has beans in both his feet and bottom. The recipient of this gift will love the big hugs they receive. The bear will warm their heart, and tenderly reach their soul. Perhaps, we could all use a bear !!!

“Cuddles” Bear: If you prefer a lighter weight bear, super soft and cuddly, “Cuddles” is your choice of bear. Cuddles is fluffy and tender, tan in color, sporting a gingham monochromatic bow around his neck. Black button eyes, and embroidered nose, he measures 14.5 inches (36.5cm) long. Cuddles also has beans in his bottom. This bear is sure to provide a soft and loving hug whenever they feel the need for one.

"Meaning and Purpose Message." All healing boxes designed by Bow Tye Gifts have been created mindfully with the heartfelt intention of making the recipient feel empowered, loved,and supported. Each gift is chosen for it’s unique qualities and purpose which is always to empower the recipient.
A special “Meaning and Purpose Message” in a customized Bow Tye Gift envelope accompanies each of these special creations. Sometimes it can be a simple thing that can really have an effect. With a warm, cuddly bear close at hand, the recipient will never be without a hug, and will always remember your thoughtful, caring gift of support.

                                             To Support… To Educate… To Empower… To Transform…





DISCLAIMER: ALL INFORMATION (THE “INFORMATION”) PROVIDED BY BOW TYE GIFTS INC. REGARDING NATURAL GEMSTONES/CRYSTALS, THEIR HEALING & PROPERTIES IS FOR INFORMATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY.  The Information is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition or treatment and before undertaking a new health care regimen, and never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of any of the Information provided by Bow Tye Gifts Inc.

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