Gratitude Journal
Positive. Empowering. Transformative.


Positive. Empowering. Transformative.   Practicing gratitude simply means having a daily ritual of reflection. Specifically, a time in your day to quietly sit and write down in a journal what you are thankful for in your life : from simply feeling the whispers of cool air caress your cheeks, to gaining a greater appreciation of the people in your life, or perhaps to be grateful for the unexpected that shows up each day. Taking action daily will help formulate a positive habit in your life, and can be the start to leading a more mindful life. This practice, when done daily, will greatly assist the recipient to better manage life while undergoing treatment for breast cancer, but additionally, to continue this practice after breast cancer. A gift that will serve them well, each and every day.

This gift also includes Bow Tye Gifts exclusive “Meaning and Purpose Message”( see below). This message really enriches the gift by giving it meaning and purpose. It is directed specifically towards anyone needing healing in their life at this time, and explains in detail the importance of a gratitude journal, and what it can bring to their life. There is also very specific instructions on how to get started using their journal, and starting their daily practice of gratitude. A gift to show you REALLY care.                                       

Pierre Belvedere Journal: Purple is a color of healing.This beautiful purple quality journal was designed in old Montreal, made in Italy. The paper is sourced from sustainable forests and the paper mills used for this product promote the use of clean energy. This journal features faux leather embossed graphics of a hummingbird and floral print, and feels great holding onto with it’s padded cover. It has 2 attached ribbons to maintain your location, contains 320 pages of lined and perforated pages, and measures 9.75” x 7”inches.

“Meaning and Purpose Message.” This journal will be accompanied by a customized Bow Tye Gifts envelope. Inside this envelope will be a message for the recipient of this journal to read about the meaning and purpose of practicing gratitude, and how to get started in their daily practice.
All healing boxes created by Bow Tye Gifts have been created mindfully with the heartfelt intention of making the recipient feel loved, special, supported, and not alone while going through all phases of their breast cancer journey. Each gift is chosen for it’s meaning, which is always to empower the recipient.
This gift is an introduction into living mindfully by taking note of the Beauty. Nature. People; and the joy that surrounds them each and every day, and documenting this into their journal. This gifts say’s “ I truly care, and desire you to feel happiness in your heart each and every day.”

                                                   To Support… To Educate… To Empower… To Transform…


Note: healing and other properties are for information only and should not be used to replace medical advice or treatment.

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