Ball Shaped Sun Catcher


A gift that keeps on giving !

Crystals with clarity and light. These crystals will bring brightness and warmth to your sacred space, to your special window, or where ever you choose to place them. Let the sun shine upon them for the magic to begin... reflections of rainbow colours will surround the room.

This sun catcher consists of a clear Austrian, ball shaped Crystal and 9 clear, octagon shaped crystals.

A wonderful gift for a lady or gentleman. This crystal sun catcher is suitable for any occasion: as a thank you gift or token of your appreciation; mother's day or father's day gift for the rear view mirror in their vehicle; or for someone special going through a difficult time. What better way to brighten someone's day. Don't forget to be kind to yourself, and perhaps choose one that speaks to you.

This gift will be presented in a beautiful box with a bow. We have included a suction cup for immediate hang up, as well as a short notation for the recipient, explaining the particulars about this crystal, meaning and possible uses. You may choose from two sizes as indicated below.

 Product Details:
 INCLUDES: * Gift Box with bow, ready for gift giving.
                      * Suction cup for immediate placement.
                      * Custom notation about product particulars.

* LARGE PENDANT : 30mm with 4 clear - 14mm octagon shaped crystals.
  Total length: Approximately 9."  Stainless steel wire.
* JUMBO PENDANT : 40mm with 9 clear octagon shaped clear crystals of varying sizes: (1-19mm,2-16mm,2-13mm,2-11mm,2-10mm).       
   Total length: Approximately 9.5." Stainless steel wire.
* Assembled in Canada.


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