Teardrop Shaped Sun Catcher


A gift that keeps on giving

This beautiful teardrop shaped crystal sun catcher with chakra inspired crystals will bring tears of joy and gratitude. Place it in a sunny window and watch the colours grace the room it is in, as well as bring positive energy into this space. A gift from the heart, this sun catcher is perfect for those who want to show they care.

Presented in a gift box with a bow, it is ready for gift giving for yourself or for someone special who may be recovering from surgery, just had a "bad day", or perhaps, just landed their "dream job". This gift of art will be a constant reminder that you were there for them. Such a beautiful thing ... Building relationships. Forming community!

We have also included a suction cup so they may immediately choose a perfect location for placement upon receiving this gift. In addition to this, included is a short notation explaining about this crystal, how best to benefit from it, and placement options.

You may choose from two sizes as indicated below.

  Product Details:
  INCLUDED: * Gift box with bow, ready for gift giving.
                       * Suction cup for immediate placement.
                       *  Custom notation about the product particulars.

LARGE PENDANT : 63mm with 7 chakra coloured & 6 clear -14mm octagon shaped crystals.
  Total length: Approximately 10.5." Stainless steel wire.
* JUMBO PENDANT : 76mm with 7 chakra coloured & 6 clear - 14mm octagon shaped crystals.                                      Total length: Approximately 11." Stainless steel wire.
* Assembled in Canada.

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