Crystal Sun Catcher


A gift that keeps on giving !
Gorgeous Long Chakra Crystal Sun Catcher.

A brilliant display of colours of the chakras, and a crystal ball pendant attached at the bottom.This sun catcher will bring positive energy where ever it is displayed. Place it in a sunny window and watch in amazement the rainbows gracefully glide around the room. Truly spectacular.

Crystal sun catchers make the perfect gift for any occasion: a means to say thank you, or to show your appreciation to a colleague for a job well done; for a friend or loved one in the hospital, or at home recovering; a memorial; or for yourself, simply to brighten up your day.

This gift will be presented in a beautiful gift box with a bow. It will also include a suction cup for immediate placement and a small notation.

 Product Details:

 INCLUDES: * Gift box with bow, ready for gift giving.
                      * Suction cup for immediate placement.
                      * Custom notation about the product particulars.

*PENDANT SIZE : 30mm in diameter. Includes 14 -14mm octagon shaped crystals:red,orange,yellow,green,blue,
  indigo and violet.    
* Total Length (including the loop):Approx. 9.5"(25mm). Stainless steel wire.
* Assembled in Canada.




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