AYURVEDA : "WATER" Two Wick Jar Candle


Ayurveda (“Ayur” – Life – “Veda”- Wisdom) is about living a balanced life in harmony with nature. Ancient traditions speak of the elements as the balancing forces of the natural world. This unique Two Wick 100% Soy Candle is the signature piece for the Elements Collection of Soyveda Ayurveda Candles. The metal lid acts as both an extinguisher and as a cover to protect the scent. The glass containers are food-safe and kiln-fused with lustre colours to create an iridescent “watercolor” effect that’s unique to each vessel. Reusable, filled with 100% soy wax and plant-based essences, each fragrance brings the natural world into your home.

Ayurveda Candles
Once you try these candles, you will be hooked.     
Extraordinary quality: Vegan Friendly
Made in the USA

Soyveda fragrances are perfume quality blends made from all natural ingredients. The scents begin to softly fill the room before you even light the candle. The "Water" candle inspires healing and restoration. Sea breezes and ocean sprays mix with geranium, violets and jasmine, and just a hint of musk, lemon, and rose petals, to make this exotic creation. This romantic, lightly citrus fragrance bursting with juicy goodness is the perfect companion to your bath or spa.

Soyveda containers are eco-friendly, food-safe, reusable. You can feel the quality in each canister and the artistry in each glass vessel.

Soyveda wax is made from 100% soy – a silky smooth wax that burns at low temperatures. The all natural, plant based candles are skin safe, and never contain petroleum by-products, parabens, or other chemicals. You can even use them as a massage lotion.

Soyveda wicks are one of the real secrets to our clean-burning candles. The lead-free, non toxic veggie wicks are made from high-quality braided cotton, and coated with hi-temp wax to ensure a clean, even burn from start to finish.

Burn Time: Approximately 50 hours
Size: 20 oz.
Measurements: 5 ½’ Tall x 4 ½’ Wide.




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