Rose Quartz Wand


Crystal wands have been used by healers since ancient times, to gather and direct energy. There are a myriad of different uses. A gift of beauty, healing energy and love, we feel they are a fantastic tool to be a part of any healing journey. When attending medical appointments, the cool smooth cylinder, tactically feels comforting, and can help transfer any anxiety they may be feeling by slowly rotating the wand gently in the palm of your hand. Rose Quartz, being the stone of love will emit a loving, supportive energy. A gift they are sure to appreciate.
This wand is rounded on both ends and is wider on one end and tapered on the other. It measures 4.8’in long. Being a gift of nature, no two wands are identical.

This product would make a wonderful addition to any of our Healing Boxes, (pls. leave a note in the “message section” at check out informing us of this), alternatively, you may purchase this healing wand on it’s own. It will be presented in a beautiful satin pouch.



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