Bring the natural beauty and positive crystal energy of Amethyst into your home and/or office with this pair of Amethyst Bookends from Brazil.

These stylish bookends are from large amethyst clusters that have been expertly cut to show off the beauty and sparkle of this crystal, and of its unique characteristics. Practical and gorgeous to look at, crystal bookends are a rare and wonderful gift for any occasion for either a gentleman or lady.

Amethyst is considered a supreme healing crystal and amethyst clusters are believed to absorb negative energy and create a soothing, positive mood. A wonderful semiprecious stone to assist with stress and anxiety.

In ancient times Amethyst was known for it's sobering effects and it's ability to clear the mind.

Being a gift from nature, each pair will be uniquely different.

Combined measurements Approx: 7"length x 5"width x 5"height


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