A Journal of Love and Healing Transcending Grief


"Losing loved ones can make us feel as if we're children, wandering lost and alone, searching for a familiar place to rest our hearts. This journal can be that place. This journal is for those of you who love deeply. It can encompass your letters, 'phone calls, and conversations with those who have gone Home to the Other Side. It can also serve as your refuge, your friend, and your tribute to your loved ones as you fill the pages with what you need to say, share, and remember. It is a safe place to rest, to cherish precious memories and to grow." Sylvia Browne

Sylvia Browne is a number one New York Times-bestselling author. Together, with her daughter in-law Nancy Dufresne, they have put together a journal to help those dealing with the loss of a loved one. Both authors draw on their vast experience on this topic, and have included extensive texts, primarily in the form of their personal thoughts.This allows one to reflect on their own situation, to ponder, and then if they choose, to use the space provided in the journal ( lined pages), to pen what flows from their heart. Truly a treasured gift that brings heartfelt awareness, compassion and care into their situation of a life forever changed.

 Product Details:
*Hard back- cushioned cover.
*Size: 8.3"H x 5.5" W inches.
*176 pages.

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