Concierge Service

Show Your Appreciation in a Mindful Manner with Mindful Gifts

Time is money – and you know it!  

At Bow Tye Gifts, we make the most of your time by helping you show appreciation and/or recognize life’s various milestones…while raising your reputation to an elite level through mindful gift-giving.

Our premium Concierge Service takes care of all your gifting needs.  We get to know your business, your philosophy, and your goals…so each gift looks like it was hand-picked by you to reinforce relationships, boost referrals, increase customer and employee satisfaction, and build lifelong bonds.

We also offer a Concierge Greeting Card Service. To ensure you never miss a special occasion, send us a list of names, dates, and events you want to acknowledge. We’ll notify you one week in advance to choose your card. You can let us know what you want to say, select a gift ( if you wish), and we’ll personally hand write your notation and send it off on your behalf.

Contact us to schedule a complimentary consult to get started.