Theresa Perera
Founder & CEO

You could say the inspiration behind Bow Tye Gifts Inc. began when Theresa Perera was a teenager. In awe, she watched her mother, a nurse, care for her grandmother with grace and confidence. A career in nursing seemed natural for Theresa.

At 19, a budding nurse, Theresa understood she had a passion for connecting with and supporting people in need. By 22, she focused on caring for cancer patients and spent the next four years at Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, training to become a Radiation Therapist. It was a taxing time of learning and growing, but she knew how privileged she felt caring for, and supporting these patients through times of uncertainty.

Theresa’s care of incorporating emotional, physical, and spiritual health for each patient was appreciated. Often, on their last day of treatment, Theresa’s patients gave her a special gift – an angel. And on graduation day, Theresa was honoured to be the first recipient of the Marlene Abate Award for Excellence in the Clinical Training Program.

Theresa worked as a Radiation Therapist for several years before resigning after the birth of her fourth child. In 2006, she started Bow Tye Gifts, a home-based business, for greater flexibility.

But her business was brought to a halt when Theresa experienced several troublesome symptoms. Many tests and eighteen months later, it was discovered that a prescribed topical cream created toxins throughout her entire body. Faced with uncertainty for the future, deep reflection and soul searching became priority as did her own self-healing, which included meditation, diet, fitness, and hot yoga. The most courageous thing she did was to leave her family for two weeks and travel to a remote village in the interior of Brazil, to be in the presence of a great healer for healing. This is where she was introduced to the healing powers of crystals and gemstones. She returned a different person.                                          

Today, Theresa has a new outlook on life. She realized she’d been walking through life yet it was passing her by. And when she returned to her general gift business, she knew changes were in order. Her life was no longer “general” and living a life of purpose was essential. Theresa knew the biggest gift she could give her business was to assist those in need of their own healing and provide a service for people who want to reach out to others with a gift of healing. So, when she was approached by “FACE IT ,” an organization assisting and supporting patients with a new breast cancer diagnosis, to create a line of gifts for breast cancer patients, she was immediately on board. See Breast Cancer Gifts.

Bow Tye Gifts strives to empower people to live a more mindful life. To take care of “self,” and to reach out to others to give thanks, show gratitude, and give your support to family, friends, and colleagues when they need it. Theresa views gifting as a form of communication, connecting and caring – in essence it builds community. And Theresa is thankful she can share the joy of her clients as they experience the heartfelt feeling of giving back and making a connection.