Get informed. Take action.


The FACE IT…"HEALING BOX" was put together after discussions with breast cancer care doctors and breast cancer survivors.

No women wants to hear that she has breast cancer. There is no better way to confront the fear and uncertainty then to FACE IT… get informed. take action.

The purpose of the “HEALING BOX” is to help with fear and to empower, so one may make informed decisions regarding their treatment. It includes everything one would need for a safe recovery. In addition, the tools included in this box can forever give the recipient the gift of mindful living beyond breast cancer. A treasure chest of hope, support, and inspiration.

This gift is presented in a beautiful box with a bow, and will be accompanied by Bow Tye Gifts exclusive “Meaning and Purpose Message” (see below). This message is specifically directed towards the recipient of this gift and explains in detail each and every item in the Healing Box; the importance, and how they would benefit from using/ reading it. A gift of education, empowerment, and their journey into transformation. A truly heartfelt gift for someone very special, and in need of healing in their life at this difficult time.




Healing “BOX”. All items in this gift package will be placed in a beautiful Pierre Belvedere document box. As the recipient will be receiving medical reports, we recommend that they be kept together in this box. Alternatively, it may also store get well cards. A beautiful box that holds keepsake items as part of the journey. “FACE IT” survivors guide. This survivor’s guide, authored by Dr. Annette Richard, is an invaluable resource to help one understand the breast cancer diagnosis and options. Simple text from a caring, and “in the know” physician, with the correct answers, this really is a must have document. In this guide you will also discover invaluable products to make life easier (and less painful), wisdom from other women who have experienced a similar journey, and strategies to help you physically and emotionally while on treatment and beyond. FOLDER: This folder is to be brought to appointments. It has been specifically included to help keep the recipient organized with a location for medical reports. A very practical item.
“My Girls” skin care cream. This topical cream, used adjunctively while undergoing radiation treatments aides in keeping the skin smooth and less irritated. A plant-based cream with 10% calendula is free of toxins, fragrances and dyes. It has a creamy texture that is non greasy and spreads easily over delicate skin. This cream does not stain. Included in this box is one 200ml container. Please consult with your cancer care doctor before using the cream in the treatment area. “EMLA” cream. This cream is a topical anesthetic used by patients requiring a procedure called a Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy. Utilizing this cream will markedly reduce the pain that is associated with this procedure. One 5 g tube and a dressing is included in this kit. Guided CD – “Transforming Cancer Treatment”. Calm and peace are two elements integral to the healing process. We are so happy to be able to offer this CD that has been made specifically for patients with cancer. The calming voice and reassuring guidance of Dr. Carol Robin, who is featured in this CD, will take one on a “private” guided imagery and meditation session. It has been specifically designed to help patients prepare for their treatments. Also designed to empower one to tap into one’s innate healing potential, this CD brings the body, heart, mind and spirit together to work in unison. The result is to help reduce anxiety, side effects of the treatment, and accelerate healing and recovery. Great for the advanced meditator or for the beginner.
“Mala Bead Meditation Bracelet - Healing with Love.” This incredible healing tool has been specifically created as part of Bow Tye Gifts Wellness Collection: HEALING with LOVE.” Like serenity wrapped around your wrist, this mala unites mind, heart, and body into the stillness of contemplation and can bring you the love you deserve, help you to control your breath, and bring awareness into your life. Let it empower you, heal you, and give you courage as you embark on this journey. Wear this around your wrist and you will never be alone. It is hand crafted in Canada, using beautiful precision cut and polished Rose Quartz crystal gemstones. Three beads of contemplation include a heart shaped Rose Quartz, a round and faceted Clear Quartz bead, and a large white- embellished Tibetan bead. This mala comes with a “Meaning and Purpose Message” envelope entitled “ Mala Beads”. It will explain the properties of the stones, and how to use your mala. It will be presented in a beautiful gift box with a bow.

Crystal Sun Catcher: Angel, Heart and Mala Beads: This beautiful crystal sun catcher will bring healing energy into any room you put it in. Place it in a sunny window and feel the energy. Includes the same 3 beads of contemplation as noted to the left, a crystal angel and heart. Is presented in a satin gift bag, and includes a suction cup for immediate hang up.

Also sold individually here.

“Comfort Pillow”: This very soft, plush comfort pillow, designed specifically for breast cancer patients, to fit under the operative arm post surgery is a must. Possible surgeries include lumpectomy, mastectomy or lymph node status determination, which is an important part of diagnosis and staging. Left with tender scars in an area with a lot of nerves, this area can be quite sore. This pillow can provide comfort and healing. You will want to bring it everywhere you go. Machine washable and dryable.
“Sitting Pretty” Drain Bag: Many patients end up with drains post surgery. These drains can be cumbersome, but with the aid of a drain bag it will make activities of daily living much more manageable. This really is a must have item. It has been custom designed to fit the drain perfectly, and allows you to pin it to your clothing to keep it out of the way while you get on with your day. Machine washable and dryable. Snoozies :so soft! Foot Coverings. These little foot coverings are super soft, have non-skid soles and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Sizes small (5-6), Medium (7-8), and Large (9-10). Machine wash, tumble dry. If you do not know the required size or size not available, we would be happy to substitute our soft and silky aloe infused socks. Mepiform Scar Management: After breast cancer surgery, especially reconstructive surgery, there can be many scars. Mepiform is designed to aide in the prevention and treatment of scars. It is a self-adherent silicon dressing, which can be cut to fit the length and width of any scar. One 10 x 18 cm Mepiform sterile dressing is included in the gift with directions for use.

“Gratitude Journal”: Living mindfully is about bringing awareness into your everyday life, and practicing gratitude is a great place to start. Going through breast cancer can be difficult. This practice will bring one to a place of all “good” that is around them at this time, especially on those difficult days. This refillable ”Organic Violet” quality journal features faux leather embossed graphics of flowers and butterflies, has a flexible cover that secures with a large tab closure, 240 lined pages that slip into the cover. Measures 9’ x 6.5”. Great size for most purses. The paper is sourced from sustainable forests and the paper mills used for this product promote the use of clean energy.

Also sold individually here.

Book: “Lions Get Sick too – A Story By Roary”: This is a must read book for anyone going through cancer treatment. Authored by an amazing women, Laura Hamilton, while she was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer, this book utilizes a large stuffed lion, Roary as her subject. It is hard not to fall in love with Roary, who quite eloquently speaks his truth, touches your heart, and brings pure insight into his situation. Many lessons to be learned in this excellent read. Lions Get Sick Too… A Story By Roary. Book:”What to Eat When You Don’t Feel Like Eating”: This book is designed for cancer patients, those facing a life threatening disease, and for those now on the road to recovery. Author James Haller, master chef and creative genius, blends nutritional science with a focused intention to simplify the art of cooking while maintaining the nutritional value, flavor, interest, enjoyment and at the same time paying attention to a decreased prep time. Not an easy feat. This unique 75 page book includes Mr.Haller’s life experiences with feeding people who are ill, as well as his scientific research into nutritional needs for this focused patient group, many amazing recipes and finally his “personal observations.” Fabulous resource for the care taker.
Guidebook: “MAN TO MAN”: A Practical Guide For Male Caregivers When Breast Cancer Strikes Their Loved Ones. Author, Carl Morgan, retired lifelong journalist, husband of 46 years to his dear wife Gloria, and a man on a mission. When Gloria was diagnosed with breast cancer their world instantaneously changed. Recognizing there was very little material out there to alert men on how to prepare themselves as a caregiver, or how to respond to unexpected and often emotionally draining situations, he knew a complete guidebook was in order. This 60 page labor of love guidebook is the result of their personal experiences and touches on all areas from diagnosis to life after breast cancer. A great resource for male partners, fathers, sons and brothers. Product Resources & Programs: We are committed to keeping on top of any new products and/ or programs that will help direct you to your specific needs. Brochures will continually be added to this healing box. Current brochures include: Continental Hair, Amoena Recovery Care and the Cottage Dreams: Cancer Recovery Program. This program is an initiative that provides recent cancer survivors a week away in a private cottage to recover and rejuvenate with loved ones. “Meaning and Purpose Message.” All healing boxes designed by Bow Tye Gifts have been created mindfully with the heartfelt intention of making the recipient feel loved, special, and not alone. Each gift is chosen for it’s unique qualities which is always to empower the recipient. A special “Meaning and Purpose Message” in a customized Bow Tye Gift envelope accompanies each of these special creations.This message will explain the importance of each and every item included in this special gift.


This gifts say’s “You are so very special and we want you to feel supported and empowered so you can make the best choices for you – You are not alone.”

                                              To Support… To Educate… To Empower… To Transform…




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